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Stradivari Violin

Our Stradivari violin has reached new heights in tone quality recently, due to several years of experimentation with graduations, plate tuning, plate matching and similar innovations. The outcome is a wonderful sounding instrument that plays well beyond its price point.

The SV800 is the top of the line, with a fully carved spruce top and heavily flamed maple. It has a rich red-brown shaded oil varnish.
MSRP: $1915.

The SV300 is fully carved moderately figured maple and spruce top, and the same red-brown shaded oil varnish as the 800.
MSRP: $1500.

The SV100 is fully carved plain maple and spruce top. Oil and lacquer varnishes are available. We build this one in fractions down to a quarter size.
MSRP: $750.


Model Name: Stradivari Violin
Model Number: SV100, SV300 or SV800 Strad violin
Size: SV300 and SV800: full size only. SV100: 1/4 - 4/4
$750 - $1915
Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty
Top Material: Fully carved spruce
Back Material: Fully carved maple
Ribs: Fully carved maple
Purfling: Inlaid
Varnish: Hand-applied Oil
Neck: Maple Neck
Fingerboard: Ebony
Pegs: Ebony
Accessories included
Chinrest: Ebony
Tailpiece: Ebony on 300s and 800s, Glasser composite on the 100s (additional charge).
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